Welcome to SAAR Media & Entertainment Pty Ltd, your primary destination for high quality digital marketing services.

SAAR Media & Entertainment Pty Ltd was created 5 years ago as the only destination for high-quality digital marketing services.

We pride ourselves on:


Being the FIRST Digital Marketing Agency in Australia in our niche to pivot our trajectory during COVID-19 and increase our business 653% during the 2019/2020 FY (compared to the previous year).

Using the BEST in marketing strategies, tools, and platforms ensuring your brand's success, also keeping within your needs and budget.

Having the MOST dedicated team supporting our client's needs with a combined 30 years of industry experience.

The ONLY team that has landing pages that consistently convert between 26% - 68% on average.

The #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Australasia created by a Hollywood Producer trusted by the likes of many A-list celebrities.

Our team of the best in digital marketing are here to focus on helping small or medium-sized businesses generate more leads through online campaigns and outstanding digital marketing services.

If you’re a small or medium sized business and want to generate more leads and customers, then we are here to help. Our company’s CEO worked in media and entertainment as well as a vast range of TV networks. We hired only the best digital marketing professionals in the industry and for the past few years we’ve been working hard to offer outstanding digital marketing strategies and services to customers in our region. 

On top of that, some of our team members have been a part of award winning campaigns receiving recognition for many awards, including the 2019 Telstra Business Awards. We guarantee high quality services and great value, and our previous work certainly shows all of that. 


Our Vision

Our vision for SAAR is two-fold: to enable people to scale their business using the latest in digital marketing, get the customers they deserve; and, to be the support in any business 


Our Services

We are vetted industry professionals and we cover a vast range of services for your brand. Our services include Facebook and Instagram Ads, funnel building, content marketing, social media management, Google and Bing ads, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, brand consulting, website design, transcribing, video captioning, video editing as well as converting analog video to digital. We can easily create a custom service package based on your needs. And we always make sure that we bring your vision to life in a clever and rewarding manner all the time.


Our Core Values


Ever since SAAR Media & Entertainment Pty Ltd was created, our focus was to always help customers and show them they can trust us. We are a digital marketing company focused on quality, innovation and delivering the best value on the market for everyone. On top of that, we are all about excellence and really offering customers the best outcome. In addition, we pride ourselves with the high quality results and the passion we bring to every project.

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional digital marketing team, don’t hesitate and contact us today. We have the knowledge, expertise and great service value you need.

Thank you for joining us, we're so excited that you're here!

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Dav Lippasaar [Director]

​SAAR Media & Entertainment Pty Ltd.



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Trusted in the industry by International A-List celebrities