Custom funnel building for your marketing campaign will act as the main lead generation system. With an advanced design and professionally written sales copy, your new funnel will help leads with a low cost per acquisition. Get in touch below to find out what a funnel could do for your brand!

What is a Landing Page vs. Funnel vs. Website?


A Landing Page is a standalone, single web page that marketers send traffic to, from online advertising campaigns, social media, or email marketing initiatives. A Landing Page can serve one of two purposes:

-Capture lead information that you can use to market to people in the future; and

- Encourage potential customers to make a purchase.


A Funnel is a series of pages that direct the user to the page that serves as the end goal. These funnels guide users through this journey of pages that aim to sell your products and services by also adding options to upsell your sales process.


A Website has multiple online pages of content, including an About Us page, Contact page, a list of Services or Products, and sometimes a Blog that is updated regularly.